Texas BBQ and Sunshine

Greetings from Austin, Texas! I’ve been spending the weekend enjoying the sunshine and eating my body weight in delicious food. I’ve also learned that big hair isn’t so much a fashion statement as an unavoidable result of the Texas humidity. It also made my stick straight hair curl, finally!

We are here to visit one of my boyfriend’s best friends from college, Al. We spent the afternoon playing in his family’s gorgeous pool, grilling and simply relaxing. It was amazing.

That was followed up by some Authentic Texas BBQ at Rudy’s. We were brought there by Al who said it was one of his favorite BBQ places in the area. It’s attached to a gas station and I loved the casual vibe, totally Texas


It had so much delicious meat straight off the smoker. They give you samples of everything they offer from brisket to pulled pork to steak to sausage. We got a couple pounds and brought it home since we were all exhausted from a day of sun and swimming. This was my plate


I’m currently sprawled on the couch hoping I digest quickly so I can go back for more. When in Texas ya gotta go big or go home.