Hawaii Day 2

This water girl was very happy after today! This morning we hit the north shore in the morning to get some beach time in. We had wanted to do some cliff jumping but the surf was too rough around the cliffs.


So we played around in the smaller waves and then left to grab some lunch!


After lunch we decided to rent some paddle boards. The inlet we were paddling around had tons of sea turtles that would swim under your board. No pictures, as I don’t have a water proof case, but it was pretty amazing! They also had a tree that had a rope attached to it. I couldn’t miss out on that, so I jumped off my board and climbed on up on the limb that stuck out over the water. I checked to make sure there were no sea turtles beneath me and swung on out. It was a nice little addition to the ride.


Afterwards we came back to my friends house and grilled up some dinner and sat around the fire pit. A perfect day!


SUP: I’m in love

I have a new love. It’s one I’ve been thinking about for a long time but couldn’t get up the courage to make it happen. It’s SUP. Thats right, Stand Up Paddle boarding. Two Saturday’s ago my friend offered to come with me to try it. After our normal Saturday morning workout we headed to the Boulder reservoir, where you can rent paddle boards on the shore for 20$ an hour.


It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky. I was so nervous about falling over, especially when standing up for the first time. They start you on your knees as you paddle away from the shore, then you move to a standing position. The boards weren’t as tippy as I thought they would be and I managed to stay on the whole time, even with the waves from all the motor boats. In fact, I started loving the challenge of remaining upright when the waves came. I loved the challenge of shifting my weight from side to side to help keep me going straight so I didn’t have to move the paddle from my left to right side as much. I loved the burn in my shoulders as I took the last couple stokes back to shore at the end of the hour. And lastly, I loved how completely relaxed and centered I felt after I was done.


If its still warm where you are, try to get out and squeeze in a quick paddle boarding session before fall takes over. I promise it will be worth it.