Fit Foodie Penpals – First Timer!

I am officially no longer a Foodie Penpal virgin. This month I decided to participate in the Fit Food Penpal exchange that The Lean Green Bean organizes every month. She pairs you with two fellow bloggers – one who sends you food and one who you send food to.

This month I got matched up with Emily from Watts For Desert. She emailed me, having looked at my blog, and asking if I only wanted Paleo Food or if I had other preferences. I told her that I wouldn’t make her try to find me Paleo only options, but that I would prefer Gluten Free.  I told her I liked citrus flavored things and that I had a sweet tooth. Emily was awesome and researched that Boulder will be getting a Trader Joes soon and, to prepare me for that arrival, she sent me some of her favorite Trader Joes items.


The chocolate bars did not last long. Especially the caramel with sea salt. It was absolutely delicious! I ate the Salsa with some grilled chicken and it was also delicious. While I have sampled the lemon curd I have yet to put it on anything yet, but I know I will love it when I do. It’s creamy and sour and delicious.

If you are interested in participating in the Foodie Penpals you can sign up here for next months exchange!