Hawaii Day 3 -Hanuama Bay and Pillbox

Are you sick of my Hawaii posts yet? Too bad, I still have three more days 🙂 Today we venture southeast to Hanuama Bay, a state park that is famous for its views and snorkeling.


Prior to being allowed in everyone has to watch a 9 minute video about how to preserve the reef, complete with lovely little songs called ‘don’t step on me’ and ‘there is plenty under the sea, so please don’t feed me’. When we got down we decided to walk to the very edge away from everyone else to head out into the water. This was a mistake. The water there is SUPER shallow until you get far out and it was very difficult to go over the reef on the edges of the bay. This may have meant some stepping on the reef so as not to scrape our bellies. The don’t step on me song played in my head the whole time. We decided to head back to shore to try a different approach.


Right when we got back we saw this lovely little SEA SNAKE. Snakes are scary enough on land, but poisonous snakes in the WATER?! I had to wait a minute before I got back in.

Turns out if you go where everyone else was it was deep enough to swim out to some good snorkeling without stepping on anything. Moral of the story: sometimes it’s better to not be a special snowflake and to follow the herd.


Afterward we grabbed some lunch and some Hawaiin shaved ice (which I had been wanting the past couple days). I got coconut, pineapple and mango flavored. Delicious. Next we went to go on a famous Hawaiin hike called the lanikai pillbox. It’s short but very steep up. Gorgeous views all around.


It has cool graffitied ‘pill boxes’ which look like old military gun forts but I have no idea.


Today my friend and her fiancée have to work (sad. Such responsible adults) so the boy and I are going to venture to touristey Waikiki then maybe head east for some kayaking!! Do I really have to go back to negative degree colorado on Wednesday?!?

Hawaii Day 2

This water girl was very happy after today! This morning we hit the north shore in the morning to get some beach time in. We had wanted to do some cliff jumping but the surf was too rough around the cliffs.


So we played around in the smaller waves and then left to grab some lunch!


After lunch we decided to rent some paddle boards. The inlet we were paddling around had tons of sea turtles that would swim under your board. No pictures, as I don’t have a water proof case, but it was pretty amazing! They also had a tree that had a rope attached to it. I couldn’t miss out on that, so I jumped off my board and climbed on up on the limb that stuck out over the water. I checked to make sure there were no sea turtles beneath me and swung on out. It was a nice little addition to the ride.


Afterwards we came back to my friends house and grilled up some dinner and sat around the fire pit. A perfect day!


Hawaii Day 1

Aloha from the lovely Island of Oahu!


Last July one of my best friends from college and her fiancé moved to Honolulu. I immediately made a plan to come visit her when I knew it would be cold and snowy in CO. I dragged the boyfriend along too. I’m sure he’s really disappointed 😉

We started the day with a run along the Dole Pineapple fields, where I learned that pineapples grow in the ground NOT in a tree. I was told I should be embarrassed that I didn’t know this. Oh well.


Then we decided to take a very muddy hiking adventure to a waterfall called Maunawili Falls. We slipped and slides, crossing some creeks as we went. The boys hoped across the rocks like pros while I said ‘screw it’ and got my feet wet. I’m not graceful enough to hop.


The water was a little cold but well worth the hike.


Excited to see what’s next!