CrossFit 151 Adventures

Today was humbling. One of those days that brings you down a notch and makes you realize you need to work harder.

I’m in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the weekend visiting my boyfriend’s family. One of his good friends, Zach, opened a big Crossfit Gym in Marion, Iowa that I’ve been hearing about for a year and was excited to check out.

Zach wanted to try out a new WOD today that he had created to get an idea for its difficulty and how long it would take. His girlfriend, who had the body of Andrea Ager and was totally intimidating, and I were the female testers.

We had to run 25 yards, grab a 10lb plate, run back put it on a bar, repeat and then front lunge the now 75lb bar 10yds, do 10 cleans, lunge 10yds, do 10 thrusters then lunge 10 yards, drop the bar and sprint 100yds.

I. Was. Sweating. And that was just the warmup. The strength and conditioning coach from drake university, a friend of my boyfriends, popped over to join us. We spent 30 min working on snatch and overhead squat form. Then we did another WOD because….why not?


I did 5 rounds with assisted pull-ups and adjusted snatch weight. I was shaking by the time I got through. Definitely a humbling experience to be around such in have and strong people. Definitely another motivator to get in the gym and kick my ass every time to hopefully one day reach that level.