First Camping Trip of the Summer


I’m gonna preface this post by saying that yes, all my pics are blurry because my forearms were so sore from the batting cages that I couldn’t hold my hands out without them shaking. I need to work on my forearm strength.

Saturday night some friends and I decided to venture up into the mountains for the first camping trip of the season. Looking back we may have wanted to wait a little bit longer, or brought warmer clothes because it was freezing. 8,700 feet in a dense forest means temperatures of about 40 degrees at night.


Even though I had full fleece pants and sweatshirt I was freezing. I even had to zip my dog up inside my sleeping bag (a bit of a tight squeeze) to keep him warm. It was still a blast, filled with a campfire, sling shots, BB Guns, and delicious brats cooked over a fire.


I had brought a bunch of snacks, but didn’t really end up eating any of it except for a bit of the trail mix. Better to be safe than sorry, though!


We left super early Sunday morning, about 6:30am, because we were so cold. After a quick nap, we headed to the Boulder Reservoir for a perfect 90 degree “beach” day. Next weekend I will definitely rent some paddle boards and take them out.

What did you do this weekend??