Personal Records

This page was started 11/5/13. I’m hoping that in a couple months I can look back on these records and feel proud of the gains I have made since.


Front Squat: 125lbs  (1/23/14) 120 (11/18/13) 115 ( 11/11/13) 105lbs (11/1/13)

Back Squat: 140lbs (10/31/13)

Jerk: 130lbs (3/10/14) 125lbs (2/12/14)  120lbs (11/5/13)

Power Clean: 135lbs (1/23/14) 125lbs (12/5/13) 115lbs (11/3/13)

Deadlift: 205lbs (2/16/14) 195 lbs(1/14/14)

Overhead Squat: 70lbs (3/6/14)

Snatch: 75lbs


5k: 24:13

15k: 1:25.22

Half Marathon: 1:51.32


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