And Finally, a Pull Up and breaking 200lbs.

First, someone found my blog today by googling “CrossFit has taught me to love my body”. I LOVE that that google search brought them to my blog, because I 100% agree with that sentiment and love that I’m attached to it.

In other news, I’ve been struggling to find motivation to keep working hard the past two weeks or so. I’ve totally fallen into the February slump that seems to have been making it’s way around. I think it’s because the christmas lights I love so much have been taken down, but it’s still dark too early and that’s totally depressing.

It’s not the best time to get in a slump considering the CrossFit Open (the beginning of a competition that leads to “The Games”, like the Olympics of CrossFit) starts this Thursday! I did not even hesitate to sign up, even though I can’t do some of the movement standards, because really… what do I have to lose? It’ll motivate me to bust my ass harder every Friday for the next 5 weeks when the Open competition work outs take place. AND, I get a nifty little profile on the CrossFit website!


There have been a couple highlights from the past couple weeks of not feeling quite right during work outs. Valentines weekend the boy and I went in to the box one night solely with the goal of getting me to hit a 200lb dead lift (we’re romantic like that). I had tried about a month ago and couldn’t get past 195lbs without my back rounding. With the help of him changing my pre-stance so that my hamstrings were fully engaged and yelling at me as I lifted, I not only got to 200 but knocked out 205lbs. I was pretty dang stoked on that.


Tonight we had a gymnastics clinic to work on all types of gymnastics movements but mainly pull ups, toes to bar, and pistols. I have been wanting pull ups FOREVER. I can do a strict pull-up, but just could not get the movement pattern needed to get a kipping pull up. The reason you want to learn kipping compared to strict is because it makes it way easier to bust out multiple pull ups without expending too much energy.  Tonight we spent over an hour straight practicing different techniques to build the foundation to do a kipping pull up. During this I ripped my hand, taped it, bled through that tape, then ripped it in another spot. (Scroll down quickly if you get grossed out easily…)

Those two calluses in the middle ? Hanging off.

Those two calluses in the middle ? Hanging off.

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Because I could finally do couple kipping pull-ups! Not linked together (yet) but I am SO happy I finally got one. Now I am actually motivated to practice them every day so that I can link them together! At least I know if there are pull-ups in the open workout I can slowly get some done.

Have you signed up for the Open? What are you most worried about?

Have you felt sluggish during February or is it just me?

6 thoughts on “And Finally, a Pull Up and breaking 200lbs.

  1. That search term would make me melt! What a nice way to be discovered. You are a total bad ass lifting 205 lbs… and an overachiever 🙂 February was a bust for me too. It’s not even cold here, so I have no excuse for not getting outside and running!

  2. Ok girl, that IS the most romantic Valentine’s weekend activity, duh! And congratulations on hitting 205! I have got to start getting into more weights and strength before I run so much I turn into a limp noodle. Look at you all professional and official with a Crossfit profile! I like that you have 1-3 cheat meals a week – you are human, right? 🙂 Technique is so super important with your kind of working out so kudos to you for focusing on that! I’d be all up in there flopping around, again, like a limp noodle and I’d probably get myself kicked out of the box for being too weak and not following proper form instructions. I’m #stubborn like that! 🙂 Have a wonderful Wednesday gorgeous!

    • haha, I used to HATE weight training when I was running, mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing and I felt like an idiot just standing in the weight room looking around. I was very much a limp noodle, though a surprisingly tight hamstring’d limp noodle. It can be hard to focus on form, I’ve definitely had some inner not so nice words when coaches tell me I am doing it wrong and to take off some weight when I feel like I am doing it just fine, thank you very much! but I know it’s good to keep working on the technique and it will just mean I’ll be able to get better later on!! Have a great start to your week!

  3. Congrats on getting over 200! That’s so exciting! And pull-ups too. Ugh. Those were my worst nightmare when I started last year. I don’t even know what I’m the most worried about!! It would be like an 8-way tie! Ha

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