Handstands, Powder, and Green Chicken

Although I’m not the biggest football fan, it’s hard to walk around today seeing the sad faces of all the Broncos fans whose dreams were shattered by yesterday’s game. Like a lot of people, I watch the game just so I have something to talk about with coworkers and for the commercials. I thought last nights commercials were pretty decent, minus the random Maserati one and the annoying bud light one. My favorite was the Budweiser puppy/horse one because I’m a sucker for emotional animals. Remember that happy elephant video that literally made me cry? Yah, it was around that level.

Prior to the game, I went to a WOD and stayed after to conquer my fear of doing handstands. Two weeks ago they made my stomach drop and tears come to my eyes, but this weekend I made some major progress.

Hand Stand Push Ups here I come! Just kidding, that might take a bit while to accomplish but being able to do a handstand is the first step! Just gotta work on keeping my feet together.

On Saturday I went up to the mountains with my boyfriend and our friend from CF because there was some ridiculous storm that dumped over 24 inches of snow, which is about waist level. I know this because I tried to walk on what I thought was solid ground in an attempt to sneak into the words to, um, relieve myself and fell in past my waist. Snow down my pants, not so fun.

ImageI had never snowboarded in real powder and it was a lot of fun. We went to the side of the mountain that isn’t groomed, so there were lots of bumps which was a bit rough for someone with not so much experience like me. At least when I fell it was like falling on a cold, damp cloud.

On Thursday my coworker had brought in some Green Chicken that she had made from a NomNomPaleo recipe. It was so good that I decided I had to recreate it myself Friday night. It’s supposed to be grilled, but (a) it was snowing and (b) I guess more importantly, I don’t own a grill. So I baked it. It was still delicious. I added some cabbage and beets that I had cooked in water/apple cider vinegar mixture (also courtesy of my coworker). I love cabbage cooked this way and thought it was also amazing.


Did you watch the Superbowl? Were you rooting for either of the teams? Which commercial was your favorite?

What’s your favorite winter time activity?

7 thoughts on “Handstands, Powder, and Green Chicken

  1. Yes!! Took me a while to work up the courage to do handstands!! My biggest tip for hspus is to do them quick. Haha. That doesn’t really make sense, but if you hang out at the bottom for even a split second, it’s really tough to push back up. Took me forever to put that into practice. Still working on doing them with two abmats, and now I kip them when I start to fail.

  2. Girl, that’s awesome that you’re working up to hand stands! I am so jealous! I tried to do one once and I fell all funky and am scared to ever do it again. No thanks.
    Your life. That snow. Snowboarding. Are you a movie star? You are so lucky to have that kind of activity at your fingertips. Don’t mistake my jealousy for anything other than that – I have never once skied or snowboarded so I’d likely be a moron if I ever get the chance. That cabbage really looks good! And I love nomnom paleo! Try her cauliflower garlic mashed ‘potatoes’. They are the bomb.com with some fish or another meat entree. ❤ have a great day girly!

    • THANK YOU!! I had such a hard time getting into one, I was so scared of falling on my face!! I made my boyfriend hold my legs during the first couple ones, just to make sure I wouldn’t fall down! After I did it a couple times I felt better though! I wish I were a movie star. If I was a movie star I would have a nice cabin up in the mountains so I wouldn’t have to drive 2-3 hours each way. One day… maybe… probably not… The cabbage is great, you should try it!! Sooo delicious! I will definitely have to try putting some garlic in my cauliflower mashies!! That would make it even better!

  3. You’re my hero for going snowboarding AND THEN to cross fit. I’ve done crossfit once, and I could barely walk. I’ve been snowboarding a few times, and I REALLY can’t walk after that. Both in one weekend is just crazy. And that commercial… oh my gosh I couldn’t handle it. We’re going to an adoption event next weekend “just to look.” That commercial is banned for the next week otherwise I’ll cave!

    • ooo I would have a hard time not bringing home a puppy if I went to an adoption event!!! Sometimes I search the humane society website just to see all the cuteness there is available! And my legs were pretty sore and stiff after the snowboard/crossfit combo…. I won’t lie haha.

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