Hawaii Day 1

Aloha from the lovely Island of Oahu!


Last July one of my best friends from college and her fiancé moved to Honolulu. I immediately made a plan to come visit her when I knew it would be cold and snowy in CO. I dragged the boyfriend along too. I’m sure he’s really disappointed 😉

We started the day with a run along the Dole Pineapple fields, where I learned that pineapples grow in the ground NOT in a tree. I was told I should be embarrassed that I didn’t know this. Oh well.


Then we decided to take a very muddy hiking adventure to a waterfall called Maunawili Falls. We slipped and slides, crossing some creeks as we went. The boys hoped across the rocks like pros while I said ‘screw it’ and got my feet wet. I’m not graceful enough to hop.


The water was a little cold but well worth the hike.


Excited to see what’s next!

3 thoughts on “Hawaii Day 1

  1. You can stop blogging about this trip any minute now… I AM SO JEALOUS!!! You two look so cute together!! But for real, I’m so jealous of his awesome trip!!

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