Jam Packed Weekend – Contract Competition and Race Day

It is barely after 5pm and I am ready for bed. I am pooped. This weekend was a busy one, and I loved it that way. It started off Friday with the first snow of the year! I was only two days off in my prediction.   This is the view from my law school, not to shabby eh?


Friday was spent in the school’s library prepping for my first ever contract drafting and negotiation competition. Ya, you read that right. Although I usually try to hide it on the blog, I am kind of a nerd. Saturday started bright and early with three rounds of negotiating a fake merger agreement. The nerdiness continues when I say that I LOVED it. Just like before a race, my stomach was all nerves before each round but then once me and my opponent started talking I just got in the zone and time went by so quickly.

After the nerdfest was over, I drove down to Denver to pick up my race packet for the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k! I met up with my coworker who is running the 5K. They gave us some pretty awesome sweatshirts as part of our swagbag. If you plan on running this race, know that the sweatshirts run a little small!


This morning I was up at 6 to head down to Denver to run the race! I’ll do a full race update once the pictures are in, but it went ALOT better than I had expected. I was so nervous, as I have only run more than 6 miles 5 times the entire past year. All I gotta say is that the race day adrenaline/competitiveness can really help!  My boyfriend came down to meet me at the end of the race to enjoy the chocolate fondue and hot chocolate they give you (hence the name of the race.)


What did you do this weekend?

Any snow yet where you live?

4 thoughts on “Jam Packed Weekend – Contract Competition and Race Day

  1. Congrats on that race pretty face! I did when it was in ATL and I loved the swag sweatshirt and all the chocolate! So glad it went better than you expected it too – isn’t it awesome how race day adrenaline gets you through anything? I rely on that stuff! You two are super cute!
    Girl, nerd it out all you want! I could stand to learn a few fun facts!

    • Aww thanks lovely lady!! Fun Facts are the best! They always make a good random party trick (wow I felt dorky even writing that). I love that you did the race too! It was so fun!

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