Oly Lifting Comp – Training Phase 1 (Partial Workouts Included)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday and enjoying the slowly emerging fall weather. It makes me want to carve pumpkins and go to haunted houses :). To procrastinate the ridiculous amount of reading and homework I have to get done today, I decided to give you guys an updated on how my training is going for my Oly LIfting Comp.


I just finished my hypertrophy (muscle building) phase. It lasted for a total of four weeks, with three weeks of building, then one week of unloading to allow my central nervous system to recover.  During this phase, I did one of two complexes that are designed to build muscle in each of my training sessions. All of the exercises are done back to back, no rest in between, with a weight that you can maintain throughout. My weight was 65lbs and I was dying by the last exercise each time. These exercises contain Front Squats, as those are an important aspect of the clean and will aid in snatches, Jerks/Thrusters/Push Press to build shoulder and back muscles to help in clean and snatch, Front Loaded Reverse Lunges to, once again help with the front squat aspect of cleans and build up my booty, and rows to increase muscle in my back.


Each of these complexes/all my training workouts are designed by Rise Up Fitness.

 Complex 1.                                                                       Complex 2.

8 Cleans                                                        8 Total Split jerks (4 with each leg forward)

8 Front Squats                                         16  Front Loaded Reverse Lunge (8 with each leg)

8 Push Press                                                     8 Thrusters (full squat to push press)

8 Back Squats                                                                 8 Bent over Rows

8 Deadlifts

Each of these complexes is repeated three times. In between the complexes I typically did things such as kettle bell swings (to improve my explosiveness/the hip thrust needed with each olympic lift), farmer walks, jump squats (once again, to improve explosiveness/getting under the bar) etc. These are not my total workout, obviously, but were the one consistent aspect of my workout during those three weeks.

I am now onto the Strength Training phase, which includes less reps and higher weight. Even though I am nowhere near how I want to be on my cleans, I decided to give you guys a video of it anyway.

Things I need to work on:

1) getting under the bar/dropping down more quickly. This is really hard for me. I have a long way to go with my long legs and I’m not that flexible. Any tips on improving this would be appreciated 🙂

2) getting my elbows up faster

3) Getting the double knee bend – aka once the bar is over my knees they need to go back to being bent, not straight as they are now

4) Getting down under my jerk more/putting my shoulders back more once in full jerk position.

This is at 103lbs. I know that if I can only figure out how to drop down under the bar more I will be able to go so much heavier, so this is pretty much muscling it up. It’s a lot of small complex motions that requires a lot of coordination and work.  I’ve got 7 weeks to figure it out!

2 thoughts on “Oly Lifting Comp – Training Phase 1 (Partial Workouts Included)

  1. not going to lie..i might have to steal that complex for today 😉
    the only couple things i noticed…

    -in the first one, you do what I do alot, which is bend the arms too early, before your fully extended. Go to around :04 of your video, and pause. (this is what I do ALL the time. i’ll film myself then pause at certain points LOL). I don’t think you did it in the second clean though. What’s always helped me get the movement was to go HEAVIER on my power cleans, because then i’m forced to go under the bar to catch the weight, as well as forced me to really extend up on that second pull to get the weight high enough. i think once you get to the heavier weights you’ll notice an improvement with dropping under the weight.
    -that weight seems REALLY light for you!

    i can’t wait to see more of your training!!

  2. Girl, no matter what, I think it’s absolutely incredible that you’re A) in a competition and B) taking the proper measures to be able to perform properly. To me, this is such a unique goal and I’m so excited for you to be able to knock it off the list of things you’ve done! I don’t know how you’re doing it while training for a race too – I did crossfit once with training for a race and gave up on crossfit! You’re a beast out there! How much heavier do you have to go over 103 pounds? That’s insane! 🙂 🙂 So cool!

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