Friday Evening Swim Workouts (2,000 yards)

Yesterday I was supposed to get a long run in, but my legs were so sore that I decided to do a pool workout. Swimming always helps to stretch out my muscles and get some cardio in, without the hard impact of running. After work I went to the CU Pool to do some laps. The CU swim team was practicing at the same time, so it added in some extra motivation (and also made me really conscious of my form and how much worse it’s gotten since my USS days.) My workout contained alotta backstroke, as I wanted to stretch out my chest and lats a little. It’s not a huge amount of yardage, but enough for someone who just wants to swim for some cross training.  (For Swim Workout # 1 go here)




200 Yd. Freestyle

100 Yd. Free Kick

200 Yd. Backstroke

100 Yd. Back Kick


3 *100 IM Order (no free)  (50 Swim, 50 Kick)

2 Rounds:

3 *100 Backstroke for time (1st 100 – 1:45, 2nd 100 – 1:30, 3rd 100 – 1:20)

4*50 Alternate Free/Back 40 seconds each.

200 Lung Buster

(50 yds breathe every 3 strokes, 50 yds breathe every 5, 50 breathe every 7, 25 breathe every 9, 25 yds 1 breathe)

100 Warmdown

After my workout I was walking back to the locker rooms with my bag, looking at my instagram on my phone and walked into what I thought was the girls room. I took about 4 steps in before I looked up from my phone and saw a bunch of guys in different stages of undress staring at me. Turns out I had wandered into the guys locker room and the swim team was in there changing after practice. I muttered an awkward “Oh, this is the mens room” and walked out to the sound of guys cracking up. Whooopsiesss. Hopefully it just provided a good story and no one was actually offended.

As always, I remembered how much I love swimming. The silence of the water makes you really tune in to yourself and the way your body is moving. It also provides a good time to reflect on the day and any work problems I have going on. I think I might incorporate it weekly into my workouts, to help relieve my muscles while still working on my cardio. Gotta love swimming!


3 thoughts on “Friday Evening Swim Workouts (2,000 yards)

  1. Nice swimming workout! Eventually i’d like to add swimming on some cross training days-it’s definitely a great cardio and strength workout, and good for a Crossfitters often abused joints!

  2. Oh yes girlfriend, we are meant to be friends. Swimming is something I’ve recently incorporated as cross training because of the low impact but high muscle training! It’s great for endurance too! I love it so much lately that I’ve been doing it just as much as running and I swear that’s what’s keeping me from feeling awful after long runs. Swimming = love.
    NICE story hahaha! I can totally see myself doing the same thing with my nose buried in my phone! I’m sure they all loved it! 🙂

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