Let’s Talk about Miley’s Ass

Today is my birthday, I’m feeling a little old and over the hill, so I thought – “what better way to metaphorically tell these youngin’s to get off my lawn then by chiming in too late to comment on people’s reaction to Miley Cyrus’s butt “? I figure if it’ still on the front page of CNN (…) then I have the right to still mention it on here.

I know you all know what I’m talking about, Miley’s now infamous performance at the VMAs where she appeared in a nude skin tight bikini and humped the air with a foam finger. I’m not going to get into the debate about what her performance represented for feminism etc. I have plenty to say on that, but this is a healthy living/fitness blog. What I am going to talk about is the fall out of prancing around in that barely there bikini.  I woke up the next morning to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the blog world posting things like this:


with the caption “At least GaGa squats” and this…


Now my questions is.. Why? Why did countless WOMEN post these pictures solely to shame and criticize another woman’s body? In a world where 24 million America’s are affected by eating disorders, and more money is spent researching boob jobs/viagra than on Alzheimer’s, do we really need to put more focus on image? I’m not perfect, I definitely laughed when I saw this.. but then I took a minute to think about what type of message I was endorsing. Women especially should be congratulating each other, cheering each other on, and helping each other fight the negative media images, not supporting them.

Now I don’t necessarily think that Miley really needed “support” and “cheering on” for her performance, I don’t think I’ve seen a lazier performance in my life. HOWEVER, I do not think that it warrants images of her butt being plastered around the internet only furthering the unrealistic ideal image of what a woman’s body should look like, and enforcing the notion that if it doesn’t look like that then she has the right to be publicly scorned.

I know people might say “it’s her job to look perfect” and I say you are wrong. It is her job to perform, to sing, to dance. But to have a tight ass? I don’t think that’s listed in her contract.

Do you agree/disagree? Why?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Miley’s Ass

  1. In her defense, the vinyl bottoms were squishing everything flat and downward–a very unflattering outfit and working against the whole point of the dance she was attempting. Leaving aside the other issues with her performance, anyone who is willing to get up in front of people and sing won’t hear any body critique from me.

  2. I actually completely agree with what you’ve said here. I’ve struggled for the past several days to come up with a coherent way to get my thoughts together on this and blog about it myself, but the jist of what I’m thinking is: How sad is it that we are a country that is so body image obsessed that we are bashing a what, 17 year old girl all over the internet for what she looks like in essentially a bathing suit?

    Yeah, she put herself out there and made the decision to do what she did. But when I think about how many issues I have with my body as a result of simply critical peers when I was her age, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for her to hear that criticism from the masses.

    I guess, as niave as it is, I just wish we coul be nicer to eachother. Want to attack a crappy performance or the fact that she’s a freaking child doing borderline pornographic things on stage? Do that. But do we need to destroy her for the way her butt looks?

  3. I love this x100. A lot of Crossfitters say things like “Strong is the new skinny!” and go on about how we should worry about performance and not looks, PR’s and not the skinnies…yet look at this crap. So what if she doesn’t have a large butt? Ok, she doesn’t squat. You don’t want people to think muscular women are unattractive, so why is it fair to pick on skinnier female?

    Putting her down won’t make you like yourself anymore. It gives me the sads.

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