How not to run smart

Today I was an idiot. I will be running in the Denver Hot Chocolate 15k (somehow I thought 5 weeks would be enough time to get in shape) and decided today was my first training run. I proceeded to have the least smart run of my life. So in case you ever were curious this is how not to run smart, please continue reading….


1. Wake up 3 hours after you planned to get started, so that your run occurs right around the hottest part of the day on a day predicted to be 90 degrees.

2. Even though you know it’s gonna be a hot one, you decide not to bring a water bottle.

3. You also decide you don’t need sunscreen, bc you won’t be out THAT long.

4.  You wear super dorky high socks, so that when you do end up getting a sunburn it’s totally attractive.

5. You go out into the middle of nowhere cow land in the hopes that your Garmin Forerunner can actually get a GPS signal.

6.  That means that you won’t have any tree protection, but instead lots of sun shine and no places to stop and beg for water. 

7. Then not even have charged your Garmin properly so when it does finally find a GPS signal (woo woo!) it dies, so then the fact you are out in the hot waterless sun country doesn’t even matter.

8. When you finally see an apartment complex in the middle of no where, sneak into their gym to try to steal some water. When the water cooler doesn’t have cups, literally stick your mouth under the faucet because you fear you will faint if you don’t get a couple drops in your mouth. 


9. When you finally get home collapse on your couch in front of the air conditioner and not properly foam roll/stretch it out.

Ya. Don’t do any of that. Unless you enjoy feeling like you are slowly melting into the ground and keep thinking that soon you will be able to identify with people lost in the desert.

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