Paleo Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

I’ve always been intimidated by cooking a whole bird. Thanksgiving turkeys were always passed off to someone else to make, chicken was solely cooked in breast or thigh form. I just found it intimidating. But tonight, I decided to tackle a chicken because I wanted something easy besides just grilled chicken, which has been by go to for the past couple busy weeks. So I brought home my chicken, slathered on some grass fed butter, gave it a good rub down with some salt, pepper and thyme as it relaxed in the pan.


I made sure to rub some on it’s inside too, didn’t wanna neglect any areas. I took out the liver, chopped it up and mixed it in with some chopped up sweet potato, onions and carrots that I piled up on the bottom of the pan. Next I covered everything with some chicken broth and stuck it in the oven at 350 degrees. It’s usually about 20 minutes per pound. I took mine out at about an hour and 45 minutes and it was perfectly juicy.


It turned out to be not quite as scary as I thought it would be, super easy (I was even able to get some work done while it cooked), and super delicious to have some juicy chicken and vegetables.  I guess now I’ll have to try some more complicated recipes in the future to share!

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