Something to Train For

On Thursdays I have two hours between my morning and afternoon classes. Typically I’ve had to work during those two hours for a Bar Prep Course company that I do sales for, but since this week was the last week of classes I had those two glorious hours free. Since the weather is finally above freezing, I decided to do some hill sprints. The sun was shining and a herd of deer (a herd? is that what they are called?) came out to join me.


The reason behind my decision to take to the hills was because I decided to do another TOUGH MUDDER. I’m going to be doing the Colorado one with a team from my boyfriend’s gym. I’ve heard there are ALOT more hills than the one I did in Utah last year, which makes me super nervous because hills are not my friend. Also, it will be at higher elevation so my lungs will be challenged quite a bit. EVEN SO, I’m really excited for it 🙂

Anyone else doing a Tough Mudder this year?

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